We almost can’t believe today marks one year of living in Haiti … almost. There are times where it seems like we’ve been here for-ev-er. And there are still moments where it all seems so fresh and new. Overall, it really flew by!

It’s been a year of really high highs and really low lows. We’ve had all the feels, and I suppose that’s a good thing? (Yes, that’s a question – I’m still not so certain on that.) Praying for a little less of a roller coaster this year, God, otherwise we’re likely to turn grey and age rapidly. And then who’s going to take care of our herd of children?

Year TWO begins today …

We pray for unity and joy, peace in this country, safety, that we love big and live fully, that God lays the path for us to do great things in His name, and that you join us in the journey!

Let it be a year of LIVE • LOVE • DREAM • DO



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