Why Give Water?

Clean drinking water should be available to everyone. Can you imagine filling a bucket from a stream filled with garbage to ensure your family has water to drink? Or waiting in line at a well to pump water from a ground contaminated with human excrement?

This is the reality for most poor Haitians. The result of drinking this water can be anything from diarrhea to malnutrition from parasites or even cholera. 

We believe that everyone has a right to clean water. A 5-gallon jug of water in Haiti costs about $1. While that isn’t a lot to you, it makes a huge difference for a family in Haiti. Just $15 can provide clean drinking water for a family for a month! Not only will they receive clean water, but their quality of life and overall health will improve.  



Clean drinking water costs as little as $1 per 5 gallon jug! Providing a family with clean drinking water prevents disease and promotes health. Just $15 gives a family clean drinking water for a month!

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