We have had an amazing and busy week here!

Gary has been getting up really early and walking over to the orphanage to get some things done. His biggest task this week has been a big plumbing project. Well, I say that, but it is not just a toilet that won’t flush … no, this is quite an undertaking! There was greywater collecting outside the toddler’s room, so he did some looking around to discover that the job would require digging up and replacing a pipe that ran all the way to the street. I know there were some other things that needed to be fixed as well, but that was certainly the most exhausting as it meant breaking through concrete for a rather long stretch. As of tomorrow, he should be finished. I am very impressed with his work!

Gary getting help from a few of the boys

Gary getting help from a few of the boys


He had to dig for a long time to get to the broken pipe and replace it all the way to the street! Almost complete!

On Tuesday, we planted the urban garden at the KOFAEL meetinghouse here in Port au Prince. It was a smaller site and we had lots of fun! We will be going back to do some training and check on things in a few days.

In Haiti, laundry dries outside whether you're building a garden or not

In Haiti, laundry dries outside whether you’re building a garden or not


This week has been one of new stuff for the kids: new girls underwear, new bras for the older girls, new toothbrushes for all the older kids and all the nannies (little kids will get new ones tomorrow). I had a talk with the kids today about germs, personal hygiene, and a toothbrushing lesson (they know but need reminding). I have also been helping a couple of the kids with their “lessons” (homework) after school, since I understand French. After noticing a good bit of snatching toys, angry looks, disrespecing adults (and each other), and hitting, I had another talk with them about the importance of being kind. I shared the Bible verse we all know as the Golden Rule and encouraged them to treat others the way they hope to be treated – no matter what.
A highlight today was going to Cazale to visit Johnny Pepper. A group of us, including Franckis from the orphange, headed up together in a borrowed 4WD SUV. As we approached the crazy part of the road going up the mountain in Cazale, Gary took over the driving and manuvered us up that crazy, winding, broken bridge mountain so well! This was his first Haiti driving experience and I have to say I was very impressed! We made to our sweet little man and he smiled from ear-to-ear when he saw us! He is a miracle and we are so blessed to get the chance to love on him! They said he has done astoundingly well and that his progess is great. He definitely needs a while to continue to heal and grow, but it looks promising. I know God has amazing plans for this sweet boy’s life and I can’t wait to see him fulfill them!

Johnny Pepper after 1 week at Real Hope for Haiti

Johnny Pepper after 1 week at Real Hope for Haiti


Tomorrow is a new day and one day closer to the time we are supposed to leave. The idea of leaving always pains us – saying goodbye is hard, but also knowing that we could do more if we stayed.


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