A little over a week ago, we were on the plane heading to Haiti. We were so high in the air that I couldn’t even see the ocean anymore. As far out as my eyes could see, outside of that plane was only white. Sometimes I wonder, could any bird fly that high? If not, why? What would happen to them? I wondered, would they explode? Ok, I know that last one was a little on the weird side of things but that’s just what popped into my mind. I also wondered, why do us humans, those who can’t fly, fly higher than the birds who fly the highest?

I guess that’s just how us human are. We are always trying to get to the “top.” Whether it’s in faith, jobs, airplanes, money, and more, we are forever trying to get to this “top” that we can’t even see (much less get to). We are always trying to be more godly than others (even though we are all the same in God’s eyes – there isn’t a V.I.P section in heaven), or trying to get that promotion that you may never get (you can’t go from an intern to a president in a week!), etc.

We are always wanting more money, too. That’s one reason I think this world is so messed up. If money wasn’t in this world, maybe people wouldn’t be hungry, maybe they wouldn’t be so unhappy with their lives.

You might think I’m crazy, but this “top” place, this worldly “top”, I think is why many people aren’t understanding God’s power. They don’t understand that He is the “top.” Most of the time, I feel like all of those people who are trying to get to this worldly “top” don’t understand that you won’t have any of your worldly things when you’re buried.

I kind of feel like I just wrote a lecture, but I let my mind go free. I have a hard time doing that most of the time. This is my first post here on PfamilyMission so I hoped you liked it! Well, orevwa!

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