I know that many of you have heard about our #13for13 fundraising effort on Facebook, but I wanted to make sure that everyone had a chance to take part in it. This Sunday, August 17th – Gracie turns 13 years old. I am freaking out that my little girl is going to officially become a teenager. A few weeks ago, Rhiana and I asked her for her birthday list. Gracie is always frugal, but I was concerned about this year because it is such a monumental birthday. Plus, we as a Pfamily have decided to go all in on our charity work which means no salary, etc – scary, but God will provide!

Anyway, as usual, Gracie’s huge heart nearly brought us to tears as her wish was for 13 more gardens in food insecure communities. This is amazing, but we can’t honor the wish alone. It has to be a widespread movement and we need your help.  The task is simple. To participate in #13for13 you donate $13 and tell 13 friends (or more) that their help can directly support starving and malnourished children in the United States and Haiti.

All of the donations will be announced to Gracie (as a surprise) on Sunday evening. We have had some great support, but we need more advocates to reach our goal. So far, we have only received about 10% of what we will need to plant the 13 gardens. If you love what this Pfamily does and want to make a VERY special 13th birthday for an amazing young lady then please spread the word.

You can find more information at:  www.harvest107.org

If you choose to share this information (and we hope that you do) then please use the hashtag #13for13 on all your social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

We will be posting from the road next week as we travel through Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. We are speaking at schools, churches, small groups, etc in order to continue to raise awareness and funding for our mission work. If you are interested in having us stop in to speak to at your office, school, church, or home – please email: rhiana@pfamilymission.com

Rhiana wrote a post about this tour earlier this week which can be viewed here.

Thank you in advance for your continued support of US and HARVEST107. We are ready to get back in the field and serve the people that God has called us to serve!

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