“Ministry  doesn’t stop just because people get hurt … that is the reason for ministry.”


The past week has been a whirlwind. With Gary and Gracie in the States, just me and the Littles are holding down the fort here in PAP. We were mid-project with Harvest107 and there’s always a ton of other ongoing ministry that needs our attention, so with the Gs gone there are great big shoes that need filling.

Despite missing them so, much has been accomplished: I have conquered driving in PAP (no small feat), installed a H107 project, educated the kiddos, done laundry, worked, kept up with G’s street kids, grocery shopped, dealt with orphanage needs, … and it continues. To say I’ve done it alone would be a complete fib, and I wouldn’t dream of not giving credit to the tribe we live amongst or my husband who encourages me (and others to check on me).

There’s a sense of safety in our tribe – knowing they’re just a dial away. There’s a sense of security knowing our guard cares about our family and watches over us carefully. There’s freedom in escaping to the neighbor’s house for worship after a long, hard day. And there’s hope with each gorgeous Haiti sunset and sunrise.

But the truth is, it isn’t always safe. And that isn’t something we often share about, because we know that the Lord is watching over us. In the past week, though, it has hit somewhat close to home. Perhaps because our Gs aren’t here, or perhaps it was literally just too close to home.

I have been asked about our safety by many who have seen the news that an American missionary was killed Saturday evening in PAP, and that one of her children was kidnapped. The truth is, that just days before a man was shot in our neighborhood. A woman who works in our community’s aunt was kidnapped. And these are just the stories I’m aware of this week.

We haven’t bothered to tell our children about these stories – it would only cause alarm and fear. We know it can be dangerous here. We live with a watchful eye. But we do not live in fear.

Our job cannot be placed on hold because of these things. Ministry doesn’t stop just because people get hurt … it is the reason for ministry. Hurt people hurt people. That is truth. If we show the love of Our Father, then we’ve helped and God can take care of the rest.


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