Usually Saturday is reserved for R&R and doing things outside of the orphanage. Today will be quite the opposite as we have a full day scheduled there. I am coming to terms with the fact that we will be leaving on Monday which is heartbreaking for so many reasons. It would take a miracle donation to allow us the opportunity to stay another few weeks, but stranger things have happened….right?

I can’t remember if we ever posted the update, but we were in fact able to purchase new mattresses for all of the boys and girls in the back. (If you are interested in hearing the full story of the mattress saga and how we got it done then leave comments below and I will write the post.) The excitement of giving them out today is somewhat countering my sadness about leaving Haiti. I wonder what their reaction will be? I’m guessing that they will be no different than I was when I was a kid. I know that when I got a gift that I NEEDED versus one that I WANTED, or better yet could PLAY with… my reaction was much different. I may be surprised and they might get really excited – I can’t wait to find out.

The other main event at the orphanage is that all of the birth families are coming today. Many of the children have voiced their excitement about this visit. Also, I have been told that many of them want to introduce us to their birth parents/family. What an honor. I am excited for this and hope my little knowledge of the language will suffice. I am also looking forward to observing their interactions today.  I have been privy to numerous conversations about adoptive parents/birth parents and opinions surrounding the relationships now and moving forward. I always just listen, as I have never been exposed to it. It is an interesting debate that I think honestly can’t be covered by a blanket approach. Every situation is different. Rhiana and I started the adoption process twice and both times it never moved passed the beginning stages for reasons outside of our control. We understand the hearts of the adopting families very well. I look forward to this opportunity and expect to be moved.

I promise to post more later — I have so much more to write about… but my hands are tired and sore from replacing screen windows yesterday. These aren’t the screens that you buy at Home Depot or Lowes. This is old school: pull down the frame, remove the old screen, cut and attach a new screen, and reinstall. No complaints – just a little whining and I want to have some life left in them for guitar with the children later today.

If you are moved to help us continue our efforts now OR in the future. Please partner with us.

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