I want to thank everyone for praying for my recovery. I am up and out of the room today working on rehydrating my body. I know that is was your prayers that lifted me up and got me back on my feet.

I was really freaked out by the whole thing. It came on suddenly and I don’t recall ever being that violently ill in my life. If you know me at all then you know that I have a very high pain tolerance. It takes a lot to knock me off my feet, but this one made me pass out on the concrete…

imageI won’t go into anymore details because I know that some of you will worry excessively and demand that I visit a doctor. I rarely visit doctors or use much modern medicine. I believe that God placed everything we need on this planet. In fact, one of the women here whipped me up “jui ctwon” which is a very concentrated lemon drink. After drinking that juice along with the water from these coconuts that Rhiana got for me, I didn’t get throw up again.

Our church plans fell through this morning which was a bummer. I had really been looking forward to checking it out, but maybe it was best to stay in and take it easy for one more day. There is always next week – I suppose. Luckily, we can listen to sermons online and there is always a Bible nearby….

Thank you again for your prayers and I hope that you will continue to pray over us and our efforts here.

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