imageYesterday was one of those scattered days. We did so many things random things that it is almost hard to recount the day. Rhiana taught her class in the morning while I worked in the office updating and installing software for the orphanage. That was so exciting that I skipped taking pictures 🙂

I got an email mid morning that I could go and get the money for the new mattresses. That was definitely a VERY exciting moment! So, much work went into making that happen. Unfortunately, that HAPPY bubble was burst later in the day when all of the sudden the price skyrocketed. We were told that we could get 23 at $58 and then the 2 larger ones we need at $68. We had exactly enough money to cover that and the wire transfer fees. Now, they want $400 additional dollars. Remember a few posts back when I said, “It’s hard to do good…”?  We are out of time and we don’t have that kind of money. Even if I did – it’s not right. A deal is a deal.

I can’t even begin to voice my frustration and I honestly lost my cool with people yesterday. I don’t feel good about it, and I should have remained calm. I am very passionate about getting these children what they need. I went into protective parent mode standing up for them. Luckily, there are some very good people surrounding us. I was in arguing and complaining mode when Julie, stepped in and said we should pray about this. That was amazing timing and yet another lesson learned by me. That was the right thing to do – Not me trying to wrestle situation and spew more negativity.

I haven’t mentioned her or her daughter Jordan yet. They are a mother/daughter duo from Canada that came here a few days ago for a short visit. Julie’s mother and father spent their summer’s here in Haiti for years and got to know the folks at Maison. They have been great company and the girls have enjoyed having another girl to play with in the house.

That whole mess did not come until the very end of the day so let me get back to the positive. I played soccer and basketball with numerous boys throughout the day. They love it ALMOST as much as I love it. I was a competitive athlete for a lot of my life. I don’t like watching sports, but I love playing them. This has been wonderful. I try to help them skills and structure in the games without taking away the fun. Just simple things that they would learn in P.E. like you have to dribble in basketball and you can’t touch the soccer ball with your hands.

The entire Pfamily hung out during break up in the classroom with some of the older kids. We just chilled out with no real agenda and a few of the kid’s really opened up. Two brothers, that I have sort of become the big brother to, told me about their adoptive parents. They asked me questions about the city that they will be living in, etc. I hope that when I play shows there in the future that they will be able to come out and have a meal and catch up. That would be amazing.

The day with the children ended with a big bracelet making “party”.  It was actually really peaceful as all of the kids were focused on their designs. I sat in corner and played my guitar while one of the triplets decorated me with a head band, bracelets, and necklaces he made. There are some pictures floating around the house that I hope don’t make it to the internet as I look ridiculous. I probably shouldn’t care… right?!

I’m looking forward to a great day! I have faith that the mattress saga will end well. I also know that if things are meant to be with continuing efforts here that it will happen too. Thank you so much to everyone who has been donating over the past few days. We are at almost 10% of the goal as of now.

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