School Projects

This team visited two different schools in the Port au Prince area. Both schools were a unique experience as one is an American funded school while the other is a more common, non-funded school. This was a major eye opener for much of the team and we love seeing their hearts in action. Every child involved at both locations thoroughly enjoyed the activities provided by the Oshkosh Community Church. We have smiles to prove it!

Community Day

We love community day! This event is always a ton of fun and makes a serious impact on the community. The idea is to invite families to come and enjoy music, food, and games while leaving the day to day stress of living in Haiti outside. The team brought soccer balls, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, and more for the children to enjoy while parents received First Aid kits and other supplies.

Garden Planting

The Community Church in Oshkosh, WI sponsored a super impactful service project with Harvest107 at Espwa Berlancia in Haiti. Espwa Berlancia is an inpatient malnutrition and family preservation center. The garden will be used as a training tool and living example for parents so that their children hopefully never end up coming back to the center.


After a busy week these guys deserved a break, so we took them to the beach to enjoy Haiti’s natural beauty. We love taking our groups to the beach and other locations outside of the capital city. We want everyone who visits Haiti to see all of it’s parts. Contrary to popular belief Haiti is a gorgeous country with great culture full of good food, art, and music.






We do not believe in “voluntourism”. We believe in strategic partnerships that can create and complete impactful events and projects that positively effect the communities we serve. If you are interested in experiencing Haiti with us, we would love to hear from you. Use the link below for more information.