IMG_0430The rooster had us up bright and early this morning! It is only 10:30am here in Haiti and it feels like we have accomplished an entire day’s work. Last night we started prepping seed pots for our micro-farm projects with Harvest107. We had some of the girls from the orph
anage come and help us with the planting. All our Kreyol is very limited as is their English so we had some very funny moments. For example, as we explained what would happen with the seeds growing into plants and eventually producing food – they looked at us like we were crazy. They talked amongst themselves and shrugged their shoulders while exchanging smiles. It turns out that they thought the planting was some kind of game, like Pick-up Stix. That explains the strange looks and I’m not sure if they really grasp what will come from their work.

We were able to get over 200 plants started today. We couldn’t be more excited! Once they are mature enough, we will transplant them to one of our micro-farm locations here in Port Au Prince. The amount of vegetables we are going to be able to provide the women and children we are serving will be staggering. We ask that you all “back home” pray for these plants and our work here so that we can truly change lives for the long-term.

We are rushing around to get things cleaned up here so that we can make it to a food and prayer event at Maison. Every Saturday they invite locals into the gates to get a free meal while the pastor(s) pray over them. We will be right there to help serve in anyway possible. After that we are off to a meeting of the KOFAEL women. It will be our first introduction to the women, although we visited the property yesterday. We are very excited to work with this organization.

Once that meeting is over, we are venturing to another city a few hours away for a couple of days. This excursion is to visit a church and school that have been talking with us about coming there to work long-term. We will get to spend some time with some English speaking friends during this time and can’t wait to catch up with them.

As always, thank you for your continued support of our work in the mission field. We have given away everything to pursue this service. Your prayer and financial contributions are the fuel that keeps us moving and helping people in need all over the world. If you are able to help us, please make a donation today.

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