I have been at a loss of words since this time last week. I prayed Psalm 91 over my family and friends in Haiti throughout the storm. When it was over, I knew deep inside that we were spared damage because we were needed to help those who weren’t.

We have been asked over and over again since the day the hurricane struck how people can help. It is so wonderful to have an outpouring of love and support on hand. And it was difficult to answer you with “just wait”. But we had to make the decision to not immediately begin a plan for hurricane relief without knowing the damage that had been done. That decision was made with peace in our hearts because there was something more important to us. You see, our Harvest107 agronomy staff is from the south of Haiti where hurricane Matthew struck, and their families still reside there. We needed to know they were safe first and foremost. We needed to know that the only things lost for them were just things, not people.

We got word fairly quickly that Daniel’s family was ok, but their house was destroyed. However, a little further out where Josue’s family is, communication lines were down and we were unable to get any information for quite some time. We focused on prayer and Gary loaded up the truck with supplies to head that way. Thankfully all family members were safe, but property was gone.

Our people matter to us; our people’s people matter to us. And that is why we are helping them.

Two families we care about are safe, yet homeless. They need shelter so they can begin to pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives (something that is challenging in Haiti even without a disaster). We want to help make that happen, and we want you to be part of rebuilding with us.

The solution is simple, but can’t be done alone. We need to raise $6,000 pretty quickly so we can get these families into a new home. The more that is raised, the more that can be done (they’ll need to replace things like mattresses, dishes, etc.). Every little bit counts! Let your kids have a lemonade stand or sell brownies. Ask your Sunday School class to collect change. The ideas are endless … it is up to you! Share photos online and tag us (@pfamilymission) in them! We want to see how you’re helping!


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