I came to the realization this past week that, during this transition, we have been rather quiet. Since you aren’t mind readers, you don’t know what we’ve been going through and working on. And so, I decided a quick breakdown of the past few months and glimpse into our future was in order (I’ll try to keep it short).

DEC 2013
Confirmation that we are going to Haiti!

JAN 2014
Gary’s contract with Olé ends

FEB 2014
Lease on house ends
Offer placed on new house beat out by another couple
HUGE garage sale to minimize & fundraise
Placed remaining belongings in storage

MAR 2014
1 month in Haiti serving at an orphanage in Port au Prince

APR 2014
Return to USA (MAJOR culture shock)

JUN 2014
Discussions to grow Harvest107

JUL 2014
More meetings, conferences & discussions on growing Harvest107
Invitation to return to Haiti to do gardens at schools, orphanages and in communities
Plans made for multiple 2015 spring gardens in the USA
Gary offered administrative position (volunteer) at school in Saint Marc, Haiti

AUG 2014
#13for13 Campaign


TOUR? Yep! A different kind of tour than Gary is used to … Before we head out for our next mission, we want to see YOU! If you, or someone you know would be interested in hosting a group get-together where we could speak about our work, or just meet your friends, please let us know! Below is a tentative schedule (subject to change based on engagements):

8/18 in GA and/or SC

8/19 in SC and/or NC

8/20 – 23 in MD/DC area

8/24 – 25 in NC and/or SC

8/26 – 31 in GA

9/1 – 4 in TN

We are prayerfully returning to Haiti mid-September, so this is our chance to see each other! We are so grateful for each and every call, text, email, dollar, and especially prayer . . . it means the world to us!



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