Macken’s Kids

I just happen believe that every single human has the right to learn - even if it is nothing more than basic reading, writing, and math. We both do - that is why we started our Education Initiative. We often take for granted our ability to get an education in America....

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Picking up the pieces after disaster strikes

Two families we care about are safe, yet homeless. They need shelter so they can begin to pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives (something that is challenging in Haiti even without a disaster). We want to help make that happen, and we want you to be part of rebuilding with us.

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Hueytown Haiti Takeover

Pfamily Mission had a fantastic group from Hueytown, Alabama this month! They rocked out a short trip with us and we covered lots of ground.

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Volunteer Teacher Needed

Looking for a volunteer teacher for our amazing kids to begin as early as June or (latest) mid-August who will keep learning fun and exciting for our children.

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International Women’s Day

We’d like to share a story Gracie wrote about a girl named Sarah from our Harvest107 partner site in honor of International Women’s Day

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Education Initiative Success

Here in Haiti, public schools are rare to non-existent. There are no real "free" options for children to receive an education. In order to enroll in school - students are responsible for tuition, books, and uniforms. It compares to private school in the United States,...

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Meet Duprenne & Family

After stepping back inside our gate, my face fell into my hands and I sobbed. Gary held me and we prayed right there. We felt God tell us to help …

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