I suppose that God has been paving the way for this journey for longer than we actually know. And I am certain that He has an amazing plan in place just waiting for us. I keep saying, “I know God has a plan. It must be a good one, too because He’s keeping it a secret!” Knowing this makes this journey a lot more like fun, and less like stress.

It would be normal (and, dare I say, American) to be highly stressed at this juncture.

Gary’s song-plugging contract has expired, and the cushy lifestyle to which we’ve been accustomed is no longer promised. Yes, we’ve lived on much less before, and we can do it again. But, as the man of our home, I know that there is a sense of urgency to provide the way he has for the past few years. I think that every single year we have been more financially “successful” than the last. And now? It looks like we may be breaking that streak. Facing the unknown . . . that can be stressful. And yet, we are not. And, thankfully, money is a topic that we do not argue about.

Our lease is expiring at the of this month – yes, just 3 weeks away. There is this truly American part of us that dreams of buying or building our next house. But, not knowing what our income will look like, well, that puts a damper on the fun of finding a home. And so, we decided we’ll just clean out the house, and throw the rest in storage. We’ll figure it all out when we get back from Haiti.

Speaking of Haiti, there is so much that we are likely unprepared for. Things we have never seen, food we have never eaten, smells we have never smelled. We are rich, white, Americans going to a third world country. We will face danger. We will face extreme poverty. We will face children being abandoned. And yet, we are eager with only the preparedness that our Heavenly Father is providing – a knowledge of His Word and love in our hearts.

Some may call us crazy. We are stepping out into the great unknown with the assurance that God has paved the way for this path that He is leading us down. Many people don’t get it, and that is ok. Because we do. This is our faith being stretched and strengthened. This is us trusting Him to take care of our family. This is our leap of faith.



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