As all of you know, we arrived in Haiti about a month ago to plant urban gardens in PAP (Port-Au-Prince). Unfortunately, our trip is coming to an end. We are leaving this beautiful country on Wednesday.

I look all around me and think, I don’t want to leave. It’s not just because I don’t want to face the cold.

I will really miss it here. When we stepped out on Haitian soil (or concrete), I felt at home. I felt like I had gone on a long trip to America and I was returning home. I love and miss all my family and friends in America, but I’ll really miss the kids at the orphanage and all of our friends here too.

I won’t only miss the kids at the orphanage and our friends, but I’ll miss the weird little things that most people wouldn’t think about. I’ll miss the random almond trees growing out of concrete, the nightly mosquito hunt (that’s another post right there), and I’ll really miss the fresh squeezed juice every morning.

I wish we could stay longer but we have things that we need to do in America. We’re planning on coming back in January to do more micro-farms, check-in on our gardens from this trip, and teach people at our gardens how to harvest the seeds and harvesting techniques.

I have loved this country since Day 1 and I have never wanted to leave. Every time we come we want to stay longer but don’t have the finances to do so. I’m not writing all of this to ask you for money, but I am asking that you keep us close in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you all for your prayers, donations, and support. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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