When you dedicate your life to service, you have to be ready to go wherever the moment takes you. It looks like today will include another hospital visit. Recently, IBESR brought a baby to the orphanage that was found in a box in a dumpster. The baby is extremely malnourished and has been staying in a hospital for about a week now. Those doctors have requested he be moved to a different hospital as they cannot continue to house him. The order actually says that he needs to be admitted to a malnuitrition program, but the closest one is over 2 hours away.

The plan today is to have myself or Rhiana walk the baby into the UN run hospital with those doctors orders and see if we can get him admitted. We were asked to do this because at some of the hospitals, “white” is the evidently the secret password. That is actually a joke that was made by the orphanage director after seeing how I walked in through the front gate, past the waiting area, and got Gastin seen in a matter of minutes. The local people were held in a waiting area outside that looked like a huge chicken coupe. They aren’t guaranteed to be seen even if they wait all day. I felt guilty walking by them after Gastin was seen, knowing we got preferential treatment. But, I was happy that Gastin was seen.

The baby’s name is John Alexis so please pray for him today. Keep us in your thoughts as we attempt to get him admitted. We will update soon!

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