This morning, we will walk the streets of Atlanta, GA to show compassion and love to homeless men and women.

We call this our “Christmas Joy Breakfast”. The action is minute, but the reaction and impact is grand. Hope is the “hidden” gift today.

The humble smiles of these men and women are innocent and truly gracious. Our hope is that they see Jesus through us and that they know that they are not forgotten people.

The bags don’t contain much more than a toothbrush, socks, a blanket, and sanitary wipes. The meal we hand out is a bottle (or two) of water and some hot sausage and egg biscuits.

None the less, these brothers and sisters still light up like children on Christmas morning. We wish we could do more, but are content with providing what we can at the moment.

Last year, we ended our deliveries in a part of town known as Little 5 Points. As a teenager, I came to this part of town for concerts, thrift shopping, and a music store that carried the albums no one else did. It is an art community. It is also an area that is notorious for drug and alcohol abuse. While we were handing out supplies, a women said,

“Thank you so much for coming out here. No churches or anyone brings us anything because we aren’t clean. There are addicts out here and because of their addictions, they can’t get into shelters. Thank you!”

I will never forget that moment. Rhiana and I cried as we drove away leaving many of them empty-handed. You see earlier that day we went downtown where most of the men and women had just left the shelter. Some of them were so full of food and clothes and supplies that they told us to give it to someone else. So, this year we will start in the forgotten area and work our way out.

In honor of Jesus, we will spend our Christmas morning offering grace and hope to the broken. God has not forgotten us and will fulfill his promises. We were created in His image and it is our responsibility to reflect that image with good deeds.

We ask that you pray for these people and all of the men, women, and children without a home today. Pray for the people whose families have given up on them. Pray that the peace that only comes from knowing God and the story of Jesus finds its way into their lives.

Merry Christmas!

If you are able, please donate here.

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