We have not had the ability to post for a few days, but we are excited to share about our travels and meetings.

Saturday, we went to that prayer and food event at the orphanage. They invite locals to come, share their troubles and a meal, and pray over them. Several people arrived on moto or on foot and sat in the outdoor church in the front of the orphanage grounds. Gary carried meals from the  outdoor kitchen in back up to a table in the front of the church while Pastor Pierre shared the gospel. While I don’t speak Kreyol, I could understand a bit of what he said … I understood as he shared with these people that Jesus will change you. He asked if anyone there wanted to come to dedicate their life to Christ and several children stepped forward – what a great moment! Then a woman added herself to the line and we prayed for them. They lined up to eat after that, and we headed to the next meeting.

From there, we walked to the KOFAEL meeting. We had only been to the house once and we thought we had taken a wrong turn, so we were beginning to be concerned. But fortunately, just at that moment a car pulled up behind us with some familiar faces! The Reams were heading there and we hopped in for a minute of air conditioning because we were only around the corner. We were introduced to the ladies that meet there and they shared what we would be doing. KOFAEL provides microloans to women to start businesses to help support their families and keep them intact. We love what they do and the people that run it are so sweet – the Reams (our American friends that live here in Haiti) & the Oziers (the Haitian couple that helped start the org with the Reams). Pray for Franz & Julienne Ozier – they are expecting their first baby any day now!

After that, we headed north with the Reams. We first met Eric & Elisabeth in March (here in Haiti), then got the chance to hang out with them one night as they passed through Atlanta while on furlough. They are a fun, God-loving family with 4 kids and BIG hearts! The school in Saint Marc has asked Gary to come help out and he wanted to check it out. We had heard about an orphanage there that had a rooftop garden as well, that may be in need of assistance, so we got to see that too. We visited church in Montrouis and got to see different parts of Haiti that we hadn’t before. And of course, got in some great fellowship time with the Ream Team! It was a great few days of visiting, learning, meeting people, and seeing much more of Haiti.

While we were up in Saint Marc, there were 2 girls who wanted to be baptized. We piled into the Ream’s car and headed to a friend of their’s beach property where Gary led worship and Eric performed the baptisms. It was the most gorgeous night and the sunset could not have been more perfect. It was a beautiful time!

Gary got up early this morning and walked over to the orphanage to clean out a tool closet and see what was there. The girls and I did school at the house and then he picked us up a little after noon. We ate a rice and beans lunch, then headed to the hardware store to pick up some items we need. We’ll be hard at work all week prepping planting spaces. Last Friday night and Saturday morning, we got over 300 seeds started and are enjoying the fact that they are cropping up and looking good! I wanted to post more pics, but internet won’t let me here … we’ll try to post more soon.

– Rhiana


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