We met Duprenne one morning when he came to work in our garden with a friend of his. He was quiet, a hard worker, kind, and polite. He hardly spoke, but when he did it was with a gentle spirit and humble heart.

Several times, Duprenne came to our house looking for more work in an effort to feed their family. His most recent visit was just about a week ago. They hadn’t eaten in 2 days. We had no work available and were about to leave, but Gary took some time with him to learn more. We found out that his father had passed away, his older sister had left home, and their situation was difficult. Without a job, his mother couldn’t afford school, without school she needed childcare, without childcare or school she couldn’t go to work. And so, 15 year old Duprenne was left to try to provide for himself, his mother, and his 3 younger siblings.

After stepping back inside our gate, my face fell into my hands and I sobbed. Gary held me and we prayed right there. We felt God tell us to help.

We knew that Duprenne didn’t have a chance at a better future if he didn’t finish school. We knew that his mother couldn’t work if the younger kids couldn’t go to school. We knew that they couldn’t afford to go, and that we couldn’t afford to send them ourselves.

 So, we are coming to YOU to be part of the solution!

Our goal is get all 4 kids sponsored for school so Mama can get back to work to get food on the table for those precious faces. School has already started here in Haiti, but they have about a week to get registered and supplies. We would also like to commit to one other teenage boy, Jeff (the one who introduced us to Duprenne), for his supply & uniform costs (his tuition is already being covered).

We are prayerful that y’all will be as touched by this family as we are. We so want to see this boy and his family have a chance at improving their lives. We hope you do too, and we hope that you’ll share it with your friends as well!


Kindergarten (1 child): $133

Primary (2 children):  $171 (both)

9th Grade (Duprenne): $114

Books & Uniforms (5 children): $550


Invest in their future!

Investing in their education shows these sweet kids that someone believes in their future! Give hope today!

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