As we mentioned before, today was different kind of Saturday for us and the kids at the O. I want to tell you about the Birth Family Day in another post, but this one is all about what we’ve been waiting to tell you …


We are thrilled to share this news – so much so that I couldn’t even wait to load the videos up to share. So, you’ll have to be ok with just a few photos for now and some video later. Ok?

We did not know when exactly they would arrive, but we knew it should be this afternoon around 4pm. And we were shocked and excited when we heard the van begin pulling around to the back of the O and kids running toward it yelling! We sprung to our feet and I hurried Gracie off to grab my phone so I could at least get a pic! Gary rushed in to get the video camera, but we may have missed capturing the best part on video. Thankfully, it will forever be a memory in our hearts.


The kids were so excited to get new, cushy mattresses! They are so thick and plush – so different from what they’ve been used to – we almost wondered if the kids would be able to sleep! We are hopeful that this will be the best night of sleep they’ve had in a while!

What a fantastic way for these kiddos to end their day! We are overjoyed!

Out with the old …


… in with the new!





The old mattresses made for great gymnastics/stunt mats!


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