Ready-Set-GoWe just completed day 1 of of our Pfamily Pfunding Tour. The plan is to drive from Atlanta, GA to Washington D.C. and spread the word about our mission work and Harvest107. The goal is to speak at as many places as we can over the next seven days. I won the turtle award today as I delayed our departure with some last minute truck repairs. We didn’t make it quite as far as we thought we would, but the progress was still positive. Our scheduled appearances are growing and we’re very excited to meet everyone and share our story. I am personally really looking forward to a few of the events on this run because I have been asked me to sing during worship. This is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time and I know it is only the beginning for what is next for me musically. I started singing in church when I was a kid and then once I hit 15 years old, I left home to tour. That is a tough road and honestly I have only performed in bars, clubs, and theaters for the last 20 years. I’m more than ready to use the gifts I was given to glorify God!

Please make sure that your following us on Twitter and Facebook so that you don’t miss us when we are in your town (or somewhere close). Also, if you want us to come and be a part of your gathering – let us know because we want to be there! I know that Rhiana will be posting our full schedule of stops as well as the confirmed locations for new Harvest107 gardens. I know that in the last 48 hours – we confirmed at 2 new projects in Haiti that I’m VERY excited about. Also, it looks like another U.S. project will be announced soon!

I wish I had more time to write, but I need to get to bed so we can hit the road running tomorrow. I do want to say a quick, but meaningful, thank you for all of the support and prayers that you provide for us. We will continue to work harder than ever before to spread His word through our actions and show Grace in a hurting world. I can’t even begin to explain what this journey is like on a day to day basis, but I can say that it would be impossible without a dedicated support system. We are just one Pfamily who is on a mission…but with your help –  we’re so much more!  Thank you.

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