I cannot wait to reveal the micro-farm projects that we have been working on with Harvest107! The children at the orhanage have had so much fun planting. I don’t think many of them realize what the final result will be, but a few of the kids know exactly what is to come. We noticed that 3 of them were particularly gentile with our baby plants and knew what to do with them. These 3 boys are brothers and have memories of planting with their family. Their birth father is a farmer so as they say, “it’s in their blood”. So far, we have planted lettuce, broccoli, bell peppers, jalepenos, corn, eggplant, onions, okra, beets, tomatoes, and melon. Today, we will try to add our herb box and plant some baby Moringa trees. It has rained a good bit lately and it looks like a storm is coming in so we may be grounded for the day.

Yesterday, we took a break and toured Soil’s facility here in Port Au Prince. Soil is the company that Harvest107 has partnered with for the Haiti projects. In short, Soil has found a way to turn human waste into completely sanitary and nutrient rich compost. It sounds disgusting, but the final product looks, smells, and hopefully performs better than any other compost I have seen. I encourage you to read about their process and how they got started at www.oursoil.org


Check out this video:

The Beginning: Harvesting Haiti from Harvest107 on Vimeo.


** Some of our readers have asked about Gastin. He is feeling better, but not 100%. He is still on some “strong medecine” and we will get the lab results back today. Luckily, we have had some new American friends that are doctors and nurses and they are advising us as things progress. I can say that he has been up and out of bed, playing here and there. That is great – thank you for your prayers!  **

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