I just happen believe that every single human has the right to learn – even if it is nothing more than basic reading, writing, and math. We both do – that is why we started our Education Initiative. We often take for granted our ability to get an education in America. Heck, it is the LAW that children go to school – and there are opportunities for everyone to learn. (I will not get into the difference of quality of education, but a basic education is received by anyone who wants it in America.)

We have known Macken for a while now. We met him before we even moved to Haiti and he has done a good bit of work for Harvest107. Lately, he has had a few jobs with us and we have gotten to hear about his current situation.

Macken used to be part of a gang in Cite Soleil, one of the poorest and most heavily populated communities in Port au Prince. Gangs are the norm in Cite Soleil, and a means of survival. Recently, there has

He says “Jesus entered my heart” and he no longer participates in that behavior. He does not drink or gamble, and he cares for his 5 children ranging in age from 4 to 12.  About a year and a half ago, Macken’s wife died and he began to receive childcare help from his mother, who lives nearby. He sold his house to pay for one of the girls to go to school, and was left to make do in the streets with one of his youngest boys. Sadly, the other children had to go live with someone who would take them. The kids help around the house to pay for their food, and one of the children was able to get schooling in return as well. (This bartering system is common in Haiti – they are known as restaveks.)

Can you imagine the heartache that comes with having your 6-year old work for their food?

We were so pleased when a friend of ours paid for 6-months rent so that Macken could put his family back under one roof. At that time, we assured him that his children WOULD attend school, whatever we had to do.

Thanks to everyone who gave to the Education Initiative, all of Macken’s kids are in school. They go to church on Sunday and pray for the people who made that possible. And they are so happy to be in school!

Our kids certainly do not see school as a luxury (more like a necessary evil), but Macken’s kids sure do. They are so thankful for the opportunity to learn because they know that this opportunity is what could change their lives forever. So, THANK YOU!


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