The Fire

I don't think I ever considered what I would do if we had a fire at our house in America. It was obvious to call 911 and the fire department would come. There is no 911 in Haiti. Or if there is, we don't know that they'd even show up. You're on your own in Haiti most...

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There is no calm before a hurricane

Saturday, Sunday and the majority of today were spent in preparation for Hurricane Matthew, which is approaching Haiti. We know how fortunate we are to be able to prepare like this. Please pray with us …

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Volunteer Teacher Needed

Looking for a volunteer teacher for our amazing kids to begin as early as June or (latest) mid-August who will keep learning fun and exciting for our children.

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Things Are Heating Up

I generally try to avoid posting things that will make our family, friends, and supporters worry about us. Although much of this video's footage was taken about 3 miles from our home, we are safe. My intention of posting the following video is to give you a glimpse...

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Color Me Happy

One day, I got a random Facebook friend request from a chick named Jessica. She seemed pretty cool, I didn't get psycho-vibes, we had lots of mutual friends and she loved Haiti so I accepted. And I'm so glad I did! This week, Jessica is in Haiti with her huge heart,...

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We Could Make a Movie

It is said that about 6 weeks into the mission field, it is common to have a dreaded “I HATE THIS PLACE” day/week. We have been here over 6 weeks and have been so blessed to not have had one of those … and, we have been waiting to share something but can’t hold it in any longer!

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The Unthinkable

Living in a country like Haiti often means succumbing to the fact that things simply will not be done in [what Americans may consider to be] a timely manner. We recognize that things like going to the grocery store 2 blocks away could take hours …

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14 and Counting!

14 years ago, on St. Patrick’s Day, a girl barely 22 walked down the beach and said “I Do” to a boy. The first years were hard. And without a good relationship with God, the marriage was bound to be rough …

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