imageWe planted our second food project with Harvest07 a few days ago. The urban garden was installed at the Kofael [ko-fi-el] meeting house in Port Au Prince. Kofael provides micro loans to women facing many challenges due to the economic and natural disasters that have wiped out their small businesses in the past. The mission of KOFAEL is to educate and empower Haitian women to become independent and self sustaining in order to provide for their families.

Our pfamily was invited to attend one of their meetings earlier this month, which gave us a chance to meet the women and the organizations directors. Listening to some of the challenges that these women face trying to run their small street side businesses hit our hearts hard. We are so happy that we have been introduced to them and plan on a lasting relationship for years to come.

This house also operates as a safe house for women who are in need of a transition. There are some seriously tough circumstances in a lot of these cases and we hope that you will keep these women in your prayers. We are hopeful that the garden will be a positive and helpful distraction for them that also provides a new skill set to use moving forward.

We are so thankful for this opportunity to serve this group of women. A very special thanks to our friends, Eric and Elisabeth Ream for the introduction, and Director Frantz for his vision and help on site.

If you are able to do so and can make a donation to help us continue to work on projects like this one. Do so now by clicking here.


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