Johnny PepperI couldn’t wait to check in this morning to see how little Johnny Pepper did his first night at Real Hope for Haiti. Thankfully, they’re super nice people who willingly and quickly provided me with a detailed update. I will post it directly below, within the brackets are my words. I am sharing in hopes that you will pray specifically for him, his fight, and his future.

We did HIV test and it is negative. This is a quick stick test and he will have another test done at a lab at a later date.

He weighs 10 pounds 3 ounces. I would say he will at least lose a pound or more from the edema from the kwashiorkor [protein deficiency]. His arm circumference is 10.5 cm. He is 68 cm long. So he is considered severely malnourished (in the red) with arm circumference and weight.

We started him on the F-75 therapeutic milk last night. He is drinking well from the bottle.

We put an IV line/lock in but have not started an IV yet. We also give IV antibiotics through this line. I will wait and see what medication that have already given him at [previous hospital] before we start another round here. He is a little dehydrated but drinking well so we are watching him today to see how he does.

Please feel free to share the Johnny Pepper story and updates – he needs all the prayers he can get! And please be praying over the Real Hope for Haiti team as they care for him and so many like him.

Here’s the picture they sent today – he appears to be feeling a little better already, but he still has a long way to go!

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