Today is International Anti-Corruption Day.

Today and every day, our heart breaks for the injustices of the world, including corruption. Today and every day, we pray for it to come to an end.

Did you know that corruption is one of the reasons that countries stay improverished? Corruption hurts innocent people; it undermines what is right, what is good.

We know that we have many adoptive parents as readers, and we know that most of you are struggling through this exhaustive process. We know that it is hard. We know that it is long. And when we say to you “hang in there”, please know that we don’t take this lightly. Your wait is worth it: because you get to hold that child in your arms when the wait is over; because you doing it ethically paves the way for others; because you are doing what is right, good, and just. And we are so grateful to everyone who waits, often far too long, because they value bringing their children home legally, ethically, and with dignity.

We have much to say on this, particularly as it pertains to adoption and orphan care, but we’ll halt here and say just this:  Given our love for the impoverished and orphaned, we ask that you take a few minutes today to read this matrix on how you can help break the corruption cycle.


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