Hello and Happy New Year! What better way to kick off the new year than to sell a house and hit the road?!? It is such a relief to have that weight lifted and to be back “home” in Haiti. We arrived just a week ago and it felt like we never left. We just picked up and got to work.

The girls have continued their daily schoolwork and are doing great! They are enjoying learning and being here to play with kids and help where needed.

Gary is the resident Mr. Fix-it, but he also has a new title at the orphanage that makes him so happy: Pastor Gary. He has led Bible study with the kids, which has been a huge hit. And it wouldn’t be Gary without him wearing many hats – veterinarian, electrician, handyman, and Pastor. He’s pretty awesome.

There is a sweet intern staying at the house and helping at the orphanage named Viktoria. We have enjoyed spending time with her and getting to know her. After being on the roof for several hours, we (Viktoria, Gracie, Clover and I) worked on cleaning out the closet in the office at the orphanage. It was a much bigger task than it sounds like, but are happy to see results of a cleaner office!

Our Harvest107 work has been going well and are excited that we’ll be having our first mission team arrive in March! If you or anyone you know is interested in a mission or service trip, we would love to discuss that with you! This is something that we have been wanting to get going, and are really looking forward to seeing this come to fruition.

There was a huge traffic jam this evening, so we headed back to the house on foot. We walk here a lot – we feel safe and enjoy the exercise. But tonight, as we rounded a corner, a UN truck waved us down. We said hello and continued walking, but they pulled over and insisited on giving us a ride home. The group was from Jordan and their English was limited, so it was quite a funny experience. When we got to the house, they insisted on getting a picture with us! It isn’t every day the UN gives you a ride!

With love from Haiti!

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