I started a post in the Miami airport, deleted it at my in laws house in Atlanta, and  now I’m typing in the lobby of our hotel in Nashville. I had to be here for meetings with my managers and potential publishers. Our non-profit, Harvest 107 is having an event here this weekend, plus Gracie needed to to fulfill a ballet commitment, SO it’s a Pfamily affair. The post that I was working on is a topic that needs to be handled with care. It is also very similar to one that Rhiana is working on, so we decided that we will collaborate and do a joint post next week. We will share our getting re acclimated to life in the United States, leaving Haiti, and our ministry moving forward.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a little story from yesterday that in some ways will set up the above mentioned post.

As I mentioned above, this week is full of meetings here in Nashville. My first stop after dropping the Pfamily off at the hotel was my manager’s office. I walked in and got right to business. I whipped out my laptop and started talking fast about what needed to be done. I cranked up songs that I wanted his opinion on before our first publisher meeting and he just stared at me.

When I was done with my initial rant – he calmly said, “How are you? Are you adjusting okay being back stateside?” I froze, my mind left all of my music talk behind, and I said, “No man, I’m freaking out.” We talked for a bit and it was like he had already been browsing my head and heart and knew everything that I was experiencing.  He encouraged me to talk about it and let him know anything that they could do to ease me and the Pfam back into life here. He suggested that I use this time for not only reflection, but also perspective. He asked me to think about what it must be like for military men and women who leave for much longer trips like mine and have bullets flying over their head. A large portion of my fans are military and this hit home pretty hard. Steve reminded me that I had my Pfamily with me in Haiti and still here with me now. Many of those service men and woman come home to their families being gone and experience much greater loss. It was painful to think about going through the adjustments that I am experiencing on top of the stress of the battlefield….More on this later..

I thank everyone who has sent me well wishes and prayers via Facebook, Twitter, etc!

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