A meal out? A week of Starbucks?

Yesterday morning, Gary noticed at least half the boys from the orphanage we work with walking to school in shoes like this …


We are asking you to please make a donation today so that we can go replace their shoes. We spent the last of the cash we had on hand yesterday to buy 2 pairs, but more are needed.

Q: What size shoes do they need?
A: The boys’ feet range in size from 2 to 4.

Q: How much do the shoes cost?
A: Shoes that will hold up and last will cost anywhere from $30-60 US. Unfortunately, the cheaper shoes are what you see in the photo – they do not last long.

Q: Can I buy the shoes and send them to you?
A: We LOVE that you want to be involved! Unfortunately, we cannot receive packages in Haiti (yet!) and it would take weeks to get here if we could. We want these kids to be able to walk safely to school by tomorrow, so donations are the best [and quickest] way to make that happen.

We are so grateful for your support and we know the boys will be too!




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