Our friends at Real Hope for Haiti are in need of some help. This organization helps so many children that we couldn’t sit by and not lend a hand. If you follow our blog then you know all about little Johnny Pepper. For those of you that are not familiar, he is an 18-month-old baby boy that was found discarded in the trash. He was extremely malnourished which led to kwashiorkor and by the time we met him, his organs were failing. We ended up intervening after seeing Johnny get bounced from hospital to hospital. We reached out to Real Hope for Haiti and they agreed to admit him. This is a program that saves lives. We have seen it firsthand and it broke our heart to hear that they couldn’t  cover last month’s expenses.  The following message was just posted on their Facebook page:


“We wanted to thank each of you that have recently donated to RHFH for our need to meet our payroll for November and a few other urgent needs. So many people shared the post with others and we know many of your are praying. We even had a special friend ask for her birthday present money to be given to RHFH. So far there has been $4705 given towards this need. We are still in need of $5,295. We appreciate each of you and are so thankful for your continued love and support to our staff at RHFH. God is able! Yesterday dad went to purchase some cases of infant formula and they had some dated for March 2015 and gave him a nice discount. God is good!”

We are asking anyone who reads this to make a small donation or whatever contribution you can offer to this amazing organization. The patients of Real Hope for Haiti are God’s children. The organization honors that by saving lives every day. They don’t turn people away because they don’t have the right insurance or can’t pay them out of pocket. If they have the supplies and the room – they will provide care. The malnutrition program is not all RHFH does, to find out more visit their website:


Johnny Pepper

This a picture of Johnny after just 2 weeks in the hands of Real Hope For Haiti.


** Real Hope For Haiti and Pfamily Mission are in no way affiliated.

This post is merely one Pfamily showing their support of another family serving in Haiti.  **

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