Lord – Forgive us for not taking a day of rest this Sunday. Have mercy on us. Our intentions are with good heart and full of sacrifice.

The Pfamily has been up and working since sunrise and I decided to take a break to get a quick blog post out. We are so far behind on the “office work” that comes with running any organization. We are running two, so we have to use today to dig ourselves out.

I speak for all of us when I say that we are sorry for falling behind on blogging. We know that this is how you keep up with us, and we promise to get back on track with regular and realtime updates.

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then you should. That is the fastest way to see new pictures fast.

Other than being a little stressed and lot tired – we are okay! God is great and we are working to show His love and grace through actions and outreach everyday.

As usual, we are wearing many hats while expanding our ministry here in Haiti. I personally feel that simply introducing the Gospel is just the surface. The mission requires follow up, patience, and most of all – time. Our mission is service, not just service projects.

Overall, I feel very good about the impact we are having on people here. We are constantly teaching and trying to lead by example, but we have also learned so much from people here.

Although the country is no longer in U.S. headlines – things are rough. The times are tough again including riot demonstrations and protests in the streets over politics and corruption.
Inflation is at an all time high and many of the organizations that we assisting in the rebuilding of Haiti have dissipated or shifted their efforts to “more beautiful” countryside.

Even with these overwhelming struggles, many of the locals have a true peace about themselves. The resilience is something that I admire. We are giving a lot, but we are also getting a lot of life lessons through all of this.

For example, I spend a lot of time working with a man that I now consider a brother and lifelong friend. We are close in age, but have lived two totally opposite lives. This leads to many great conversations and questions. One thing we do have in common is our faith. He has been a big influence on me. I haven’t shared that with him, but I will. I wanted to mention Franckis, because he is by far, the most genuine and kind person that any of us have ever met. In fact, words can’t begin to describe the size of his heart. He probably smiles in his sleep! The entire Pfamily loves him and one day we asked him, “how are you always smiling and happy?!” We had to ask because we knew that he was stressed out about numerous things including work finances and still he had a huge smile. His answer is one that we will never forget.

“I’m happy because I have Jesus in my heart.”

What a simple statement that reminded us all of God’s great love.

Franckis lives in the word and not the world. I am working to truly achieve this at the same level. I have a long way to go, but love the challenge.

In closing, please keep us and the people that we are serving in your prayers. We need support in spirit and in finance. Please pray that we touch the unreached and repair the damaged. Please pray for our safety and stability during these protests and rumors of possible earthquakes.

Have a great week!

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