Yes – we are here!

It’s Friday morning and we can finally say that settled here in Haiti. We would have posted sooner, but we have been without internet and cell service since departing the United States. It’s funny how reliant we are on modern technology – 2 days felt like forever.

We actually arrived Wednesday late afternoon and spent the early evening with the children at the orphanage. They were so surprised to see us and after a long 2 days of traveling, their hugs were a perfect remedy for our weary bodies.

Yesterday, the hunt for a SIM card to fit in our iPhone was quit the adventure. After a couple hours and four stops later…..SCORE!

Houston, we have service!

The remainder of the day was filled with all of us assisting in the onsite school and around the orphanage. Rhiana has an amazing gift to teach and the kids really hang on her every word as she helps them. Gracie and Clover dove right in and worked with numerous children ranging in age from babies to 12 years old.

I (Gary) taught for alittle while and then shifted my gears to repair a few pairs of shoes. The older kids that go to school outside of the orphanage are required to wear uniforms. That includes lace up, dress shoes which are worn all day, even in physical education class. So, as you can imagine, a few of the more athletic boys have destroyed their shoes by playing soccer, etc. I am hoping that my attempts at being a cobbler will prove successful.

Today, we are getting stated on our Project: Haiti program with Harvest107. We are about to leave to visit both of the properties and survey the area so that we can complete the micro-farm plans. This evening we will plant our seed pots…..more posts and pics coming soon!

We still need assistance in continuing our work here. There are children who need supplies and our projects with Harvest107 still need sponsors. If you are able, please make a donation today.

** Harvest107 has a pending 501(c)3 status. Donations made directly to Harvest107 will aid our work with Project:Haiti and provide a tax deduction for you. **

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