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Community Center

We dream of creating a center that encompasses much more than school can. We hope to help the next generation of Haitians grow up to be outside-the-box thinkers, dreamers, and creators. We desire to see children learn to grow food, make music, write their own stories, and more.

The Community Center will be a place for the community to come together, be empowered, and love one another. It will be a SAFE place for kids, offer EDUCATION support & SKILLS classes; it will be a place where we can WORSHIP together & host vacation BIBLE school; and it could do so much more!

Dream Big

We were once asked what we would like to do if money was NOT an object. Well, we have quite a list – but the short version is this:

We would love to establish a “live-work-play” community … A community where loving and serving your neighbor, caring for the earth and each other, and eliminating poverty is the daily goal … A community that focuses on holistic living and encompasses local jobs, education, fair wages, organic food & herbal medicine … A community where everyone learns, grows, and creates a future for themselves and their families.

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By joining the Honor Roll (which starts at just $25/month), you’re making a tangible commitment to family preservation and poverty alleviation. These recurring donations provide sustainable, predictable income, and you’re joining a community alongside other folks who also want to make an ongoing impact. In exchange for your support, we share stories and voices from our community as well as behind the scenes of our work.

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