Sunday has always been known as Pfamily Pfun Day in our house. It is usually the day that I make it back home after being on the road. I would consider today a very Pfun day. One of our housemates invited us to do a mini church service of our own at the house. I was asked to sing a few songs and she read from Matthew. She wrapped up the mini service with a nice devotional. I wish someone was there to take a picture of all of us. We sat on donated camouflage chairs that I’m pretty sure previously resided in the home of a Duck Dynasty enthusiast.

The neighbor from across the street sat on his roof top and watched, while I competed with the church down the street for sound space. We went around the circle and talked about the scripture and how it related to our work in Haiti as well as in our lives back in States. Once our service was over we headed inside and spent the day hanging out and playing games like pick up sticks in the common area of the house.

Dinner was a huge event as always with the large group in town and leaders from the Orphanage joining us. The night concluded with us doing the dishes and rearranging the kitchen to better suite our American ways. (kidding) Well, only half kidding. Unlike back home, there is no real rhyme or reason as to where things get put away…if they get put away.

I hope that the women who come in the morning to cook and clean will like the changes. We shall see!

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