The transportation strike is back on with gas prices having not been lowered last week. This means schools are closed, people are on high alert, very few vehicles on the road, and a large police presence in anticipation of tire burning and rock throwing. This is expected today, tomorrow, and possibly Wednesday. So, we’re having “snow days” in Haiti, too!

On the bright side, today has been a catch up day, which means a blog post is finally coming out!

orphanage new roofMost of our work has been Harvest107 related and we are really excited about how things are coming along despite barriers of the strikes/protests and little funding since we arrived in Haiti. Gary built the most beautiful (and enormous!) new boxes for the orphanage garden. They actually turned out larger than we thought they would be and ended up having to place a second order for soil that was 3 TIMES the amount of the first order! God obviously thought we should go really BIG. We trust that He will provide the resources to cover the extra expense and that He will make that new rooftop FARM flourish. (Be sure to follow the Harvest107 updates here.)

Everyone worked really hard to get all 400 bags of soil up onto the roof and spread into the new boxes. It was exhausting, but a lot of fun with everyone working together as a team.

We have worked on planning and preparing for our other projects, too and are looking forward to visiting the sites as soon as we get the opportunity (and these transportation strikes end).

Also …


We got to pick up Johnny Pepper – actually, the kind folks at Real Hope for Haiti brought him into town for us because we were having such a difficult time getting ahold of a vehicle that would have made it up their mountain. They have been such a blessing! We were so excited that a few friends helped us get ahold of several large boxes of toothpaste (which was on their needs list) as a thank-you.

He is healthy, chunky, and one of the happiest babies we’ve ever seen! God obviously has some very special plans for this boy’s life!


I have been asked to help oversee/guide a group of educators and caregivers. I still am waiting learn more about this opportunity, but I will need to pray on this heavily. It is hard to not say YES to everything, but I need to be careful to be intentional with my time so that I have enough for my family, me, and of course our organization and that I am using that time well.

Lastly, our agriculture group – Harvest107 – has applied to join a missionary group that would allow us to begin receiving mail and packages here in Haiti, as well as cheaper flights to/from Haiti. We are praying that they say yes, but there is a chance that with Harvest107 not being an official religious organization we won’t be. Please pray that we get approved as it would really be a huge blessing to us and make some things a little easier for us here.

We pray that you are doing well! We love getting emails and prayer requests, so please keep them coming!


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