I have to admit that I felt so disappointed in myself when I saw the date of my last post. I haven’t written since Haiti (actually I have, but I never publicly released those posts). Anyway, the time has come to break the silence and get back to the routine of writing as much as possible. We have been on a crazy journey ever since departing from Haiti and the good news is that we are gearing up to head back. I have been offered a position working with elementary school children as an administrator which would also include teaching music and assisting in leading worship. There is still a ton to figure out and no official decisions have been made just yet. We are hoping to make it there by the beginning of the school year which is in a little over a month. This will give me time to visit the school and feel things out.

The other exciting news for this next mission is that our Pfamily’s non-profit, Harvest107, has been asked to do multiple gardens throughout Haiti. This means that our ministry will be reaching country wide. The endeavor poses some new challenges for us compared to our work in the United States. Mainly, getting the supplies that we need at a reasonable price and then the transportation of those supplies. It is our first international project and we are confident that it will be a success with His help and our supporters.

Speaking of Harvest107 – we have spent the last couple of months growing the organization and I wanted to share a few updates:

Gracie was approached about speaking at Target’s Points of Light conference. This was a HUGE compliment for any non-profit founder, but especially for a 12 year old girl. After much discussion and a change in the direction of the panel, she did not end up speaking, but was invited to attend the conference/workshops. This was a massive opportunity for her and the entire Pfamily. The knowledge and connections that came out of that experience have already proved to be huge for the organization. The new website is up, including our latest impact report which focuses on The Harvesting Hope Garden. This particular garden in Franklin, TN is providing fresh, organic vegetables for more than 24 families! It has been such a blessing to work with New Hope Academy and their students.

Other upcoming projects include: The Haiti project: Mission Grow, working with low-income housing in Nashville on plans for 4-7 Spring gardens, and our most recent addition – The Atlanta Mission. The mission wants to do a garden for the women and children’s home. This is especially close to our hearts for numerous reasons, but it is also a natural extension of our Christmas JOY breakfast event. This is where we spend Christmas morning each year out on the streets of Atlanta handing out food, clothing, and supplies to the homeless. I (or Rhiana) will post more about that event later this year. If you have time – please check out the website and share it with a friend or co-worker. We appreciate any support or comments you may have for us there.

Back to the personal stuff…..

Music. I had a few major disappointments upon arriving back in the states. A song that I co-wrote called Million Miles of Free, was up to be included on the new Kenny Chesney album and it didn’t end up making the record. Then, a different song of mine called Arms of Oklahoma, was put on hold for Lady Antebellum’s new album and it too fell off. Those songs getting cut by those artists would have been life changing. Now, that I am through the “dang it” phase of this experience, I am reminded that God’s plan always wins. Yes – those releases would have changed our lives financially and my 20 years in the music business would have reached a new creative high. It also would have taken away 100% of my focus on this ministry and the service of others. A hard lesson to learn, but I am humbled and grateful. I am still touring and writing – that will never change. My musical abilities are God-given and I plan to honor that for all my days. I have been approached about a genre shift and about becoming a worship leader. I am exploring those avenues and this upcoming mission in Haiti should provide some great experience in that space. There is a joke in our Pfamily that I may have listened to too much Cat Stevens back in the day. While our religious views are very different – he left the commercial pop music business to follow his higher calling. Only time will tell…

In closing – I promise that this is just the first of many new posts to come. I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding with our “quiet time” as we navigated through a whirlwind of emotions after leaving Haiti. More soon…



Harvest107 – The Pfamily’s non-profit organization focused on the fight against food insecurity and malnutrition.

New Hope Academy – We personally donate monthly to this school; which exists to serve low-income families, preparing each young person for a life of service.



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