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Macken’s Kids

I just happen believe that every single human has the right to learn - even if it is nothing more than basic reading, writing, and math. We both do - that is why we started our Education Initiative. We often take for granted our ability to get an education in America....

The Fire

I don't think I ever considered what I would do if we had a fire at our house in America. It was obvious to call 911 and the fire department would come. There is no 911 in Haiti. Or if there is, we don't know that they'd even show up. You're on your own in Haiti most...

Picking up the pieces after disaster strikes

Two families we care about are safe, yet homeless. They need shelter so they can begin to pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives (something that is challenging in Haiti even without a disaster). We want to help make that happen, and we want you to be part of rebuilding with us.

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