About Us

How We Got Started

In 2013, we visited Haiti for the first time. It was this odd moment in life where Gary was not on tour, and we were itching for something bigger in the way of helping others. An opportunity arose to teach English at an orphanage in Port au Prince, and off we went for a month!

It was during that month that our perspectives began to shift. We learned that nearly all these “orphans” had parents 😲 … parents who loved them and cared about their futures, but couldn’t afford the cost of both food and education. How crazy is it that in such an impoverished country that education is not free? We moved to Haiti shortly after this trip, and vowed to help children stay with their parents.

Our Mission

Pfamily Mission works to build stronger, healthier communities and alleviate poverty by giving parents the support they need to provide for their families and to know they’re not forgotten in their challenges.

Children get an education and stay with their parents.
Parents get to learn in community classes.
Hurting and hungry people get help.
The community begins to thrive instead of just survive.

Our Programs

Children who otherwise would not get one, or who would likely be in an orphanage instead of in their family home. And parents in the community have an opportunity to learn, since many do not have an education (or have limited education. As neighbors, we also help those who are hungry, homeless or in need of medical aid. To date, we have helped hundreds of kids and families and the hope is to build a school in 2021.

Education Initiative

We believe that families belong together and that schooling shouldn’t stand in the way of that. In Haiti, education is not free, causing many parents to give up their children in hopes of a better future. Our Education Initiative provides a way for children to go to school so that families can stay together.

Community Aid

We are bridging the gap between poverty and access to opportunity by focusing on community participation and improvement, education, access to health services and creating self-sufficiency. We want every member of the community to know that experiencing poverty does not make a person invisible.

Family Support

The main reason that parents put their children in orphanages is lack of access to education and healthcare. We believe that families are better together, so Pfamily Mission provides opportunities for parents such as: health & nutrition, sustainability & earth care, caregiving, literacy (coming soon).

Join the Honor Roll Today!

By joining the Honor Roll (which starts at just $25/month), you’re making a tangible commitment to family preservation and poverty alleviation. These recurring donations provide sustainable, predictable income, and you’re joining a community alongside other folks who also want to make an ongoing impact. In exchange for your support, we share stories and voices from our community as well as behind the scenes of our work.

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