“For you will go out with joy And be led forth with peace; The mountains and the hills will break forth into shouts of joy before you, And all the trees of the field will clap their hands.”

– Isaiah 55:12

There are many moments within the couple of weeks, that there is shouting, crying, and singing on the hilltop behind our home. It is abundant worship – raw, painful, and beautiful all at the same time.

A man in the community has selected that hilltop for his place to release to the Lord – his love, his pain, his joy, his praise. It is truly moving to see this grown man stand, arms stretched out or head bowed, in deep appreciation for his Maker.

We have watched him bring others there to release their demons, their fears, and reliance on anything other than the Savior. We have watched as they fall to their knees in awe of our great Father.

This man does not go to the hilltop to be noticed by us – he doesn’t even seem to be aware that we are even here. He is not doing this to be recognized by anyone other than God.

And isn’t this the way God asks us to be?

Unashamed by our love for Him. Unconcerned with what anyone thinks.

Inviting others to join us in loving Him. Inviting them to fall to their knees, giving their life to Him.

Releasing all our joy, heartache and life into His loving arms and trusting Him with our hearts.

Our hill man serves as a reminder to live for God, and God alone. To not get caught up in worldliness. Or, if we do, to remember to run to our proverbial hill and give ourselves back to the One who created it all.

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