PFAMILY MISSION is proud of the parents that participate in our programs and their commitments to their families. We know well the struggle of life in Haiti and we are honored to work alongside these strong families. We believe that by supporting and empowering parents we are working to end injustices like hunger, poverty, lack of education and more.


PFAMILY MISSION needs $3500 each month to cover staff salaries, rent, utilities, supplies, and general aid. (This amount does not include our school program, which is mostly covered by sponsors.) At this time, nearly 30% of that need is being met by monthly donors. In the past, the deficit was usually filled by visitors and occasional donations. With no groups coming to Haiti and the pandemic affecting donations, we need to fill the gap ASAP to keep things going!



Please consider becoming a monthly donor! If just 25 people committed to $100 a month, the need is fulfilled. Every dollar counts – even $10/month helps!

If you have come on a trip with us before, we ask that you please consider having a fundraiser this year in lieu of visiting.


The pandemic has taken a toll on communities everywhere, and small non-profits like ours have been hit especially hard. We are facing a an unusual deficit in financial support, yet the need has only increased. We are one of the few small organizations remaining, and one of the only ones that is working within this community of Port au Prince.

Despite the struggle, we are persistent in our efforts to improve lives, preserve families, and empower parents and children. Here’s what we’ve been up to:


Families are experiencing an extreme shortage of food in Haiti due to COVID19 restrictions and shortages. We were able to do a 2-week food distribution for every family in our program last month. There are a handful of families who are in dire situations that we have continued to help as we can.

If you want to help provide food, just $25 will provide food for a family of four for 2 weeks – GIVE FOOD 

Family checks and updates are an ongoing part of our work, but especially during difficult times. As the school year came to a close, a pandemic hit, and food scarcity increased, we went door to door to check in on every single family in our programs. We have been collecting information on everything from living arrangements, to food supply, to health conditions.

The families we partner with have told us how grateful they are that they have not been forgotten. 

If you have visited us in Haiti, you’ve likely met Paul Marc or seen his smiling face. He needs surgery to help him see again and to relieve the pain caused by eye damage. He is only in his early twenties and his smile and giving nature make him a favored tutor and friend. Please help us give this young man the opportunity he deserves to succeed. The cost of this surgery is approximately $500.


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