We LOVE that we’ve been getting questions about our life and home here in Haiti! It is so different from the States in so many ways, so we decided we would share a little more about it all. Today, we’ll talk water … Each night we wait intently for city power to come on so that we can trigger the water pump to get water pumped from our underground cistern to the chateau on our roof. If we can’t get the water to the roof then we don’t have running water. Yes – our “running water” is based on gravity. 


Every night, I look out into the village nearby and see an old man walk down the hill from his tin home to fetch water from a well. Each night, he climbs back up the hill with his two 5-gallon buckets to his little home for his family to use. We are so grateful to have the option of running water and to have a cistern to fill.

We have been in our house for a month now and it is time to fill the cistern! Having the truck water delivered costs $50/month. Can you help fill the cistern?


Click here to commit to filling our cistern each month

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