Well, things have been quite busy here in Haiti and we have not been very good about keeping everyone posted. Many have asked about our updates, so here’s a brief overview of what we’ve been up to:


When we were in Haiti last October/November, we met a family that has a ministry for youth in Haiti. Not only is the Rideout family pretty awesome, but they definitely have one of the coolest mission ideas ever:  beachfront property for youth retreats in Haiti. (Why didn’t we think of this?) When they told us we could have access to the property on weekdays with the orphange kids (told ya’ they were pretty awesome), we knew when we came back this time we had to take them! We are so excited that the kids got to see the beauty of their country! Even though poverty is quite evident, there is such beauty in the land, the people, and of course the Caribbean.

Maison Beach Trip


We are so in awe of how you guys stepped in and contributed to helping the kids at the orphanage! Because of your generosity, we were able to do more than just replace shoes – we were able to buy them new shoes and belts, pay exam fees, catch up kids on tuition, and purchase any books that needed to be bought or replaced. Y’all are pretty amazing, you know that?


It has been a long process, but the rooftop micro farm is coming along! Most everything has been transplanted into the new expansion and many new seeds have been started. In addition to Franckis (who manages it), we have been blessed with a Haitian agronomy student who has been a big help in the expansion. Gary has been working hard the past week to develop the new watering system – it has been a big task! There is a team working at the orphange now that has been a big blessing to us! They purchased a new water reservoir for the garden (the old one was giving Gary many problems) and one of them happens to be a plumber! So, Gary enlisted his assistance with the piping that was giving him trouble. We’re so excited that this project is on its way!



We are looking forward to getting started on a new project with Harvest107 at a home for former street children. This is another exciting opportunity for our family to feed and love on kids, and to share God’s love and Word! We should be starting next week in preparation for our very first team! Yep – we have our very first mission team coming to serve with us in Haiti. It is a small team (only 2 people), but I am especially excited because one of them is a friend of mine from high school! Joy was on the mission field in Zambia for 6 years, so I’m giddy about having her here! We are hoping to be set up to host larger teams soon, so please tell us if you’re interested!


Gary will be heading back to the US to play a few shows in April, then returning to Haiti. We  hope that if you’re near where he is playing, you’ll go and say hello!

We can finally get mail in Haiti!!! Small letters and packages weighing 16 oz. or less can be shipped free. But anything weighing more than 16 oz. costs us $1.60 per pound. So, we kindly ask that you consider sending lightweight items or placing and envelope with the shipping cost in the package too. All mail will go through Missionary Flights International in FL and be flown to Haiti weekly. It should be addressed as follows:

Gary Pfaff
3170 Airmans Drive
#2200 – HRVST
Ft. Pierce, FL 34946


Please be praying for Gary’s grandmother (Doris) who has been in the hospital for a while. Also pray for his Aunt Shelly, who has cared for Grandma Doris over the years and has been at her side tending to her. We ask that you also pray for our family’s health as many of our friends have been dealing with malaria as of late – please pray that we do not get it, too! And that you pray for the people we serve here in Haiti.

We want to be praying for you too! Please share how we can be praying for you, your friends, or loved ones too!

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