2020 has been such a difficult year for the entire world. Like most small non-profits, ours has had to operate on the most limited budget ever (just under 30% of our usual budget). Fortunately we are still in operation, and our team (both Haitian and American) rallied to continue being there for the community we love so much. 

Despite the struggle, we have still been able to do much. Here’s what’s happened in 2020:


Even though the school year was interrupted by the pandemic, the children were able to return and complete the school year in September.

The 2020-21 school year began in November – we are still seeking sponsors for 25 children for this school year.

The pandemic caused the cost of food to skyrocket, many families were forced to go without. To ease the burden on those in our community, we provided 1 month’s worth of provisions.

Other pandemic assistance included:

  • sanitizing instructions for the home
  • awareness on how the virus spreads
  • squashing false information about the virus
  • ensuring every family had masks

Paul Marc tutors some of the children in our program, and has suffered an eye disease causing him to lose his sight. We have been able to assist in medical visits and medication.


In 2021, we hope to help him obtain sight-saving surgery.

Education is important for parents too, so we jumpstarted our parent education program with a sustainability course alongside Harvest107. Over 3 weeks, the families learned about environmental stewardship/creation care, composting & rainwater collection, and techniques to grow food at home.

We are excited about helping parents in new ways in 2021!


Through the loss of income from having guests at The Farm House, and the severe dip in donations, we managed to make it through this year anyway. God is not finished with us yet! And we’re dedicated to keep going and to do even bigger things in 2021!

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