What can we say? It can aptly be named our “Year of Change”.

It got crazy early on:  Just 2 weeks into 2014, Gary’s contract would end. We found out that it would not be renewed, but we had no idea where life would go. Assuming, of course, that life would go back to normal for us after we returned from Haiti in April. But March came and went faster than the blink of an eye, and meanwhile, Haiti captured our hearts in a most unexpected way.

We made crazy choices: We took an offer to live with my parents for a little while instead of buying a house right away. We decided NOT to work to live, but to live for our work. We quit the norm and went to work for our kid (Yep – we work for our 13 year old. Isn’t it appropriate that God would only trust a child with a dream so big as Harvest107?)

Our faith got crazy strong:  God has stretched our faith in 849,267 ways this year. It has been insane. There were about that many moments where we could have given up on all of it and gone back to the status quo. There are still moments where we half-contemplate it. But, because we haven’t and because we forge on faithfully, God reminds us constantly of His greatness. It is never easy, never – starting a non-profit, losing many friends who just don’t understand, staying with family, living in Haiti, working more than ever with no salary, fundraising . . . none of it is easy. But it is ALWAYS worth it. Even during the I-want-to-gouge-someone’s-eyes-out moments, God shows up and reveals something beautiful in the chaos of this life. He forever shows that His plan is far better than ours and that He is faithful to His word.

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