14 years ago, on St. Patrick’s Day, a girl barely 22 walked down the beach and said “I Do” to a boy. The first years were hard. And without a good relationship with God, the marriage was bound to be rough – getting married at 22 and having a baby shortly after makes for even tougher circumstances.

On their 6th Anniversary, they were seriously contemplating divorce. It almost happened. But the girl began going to church. As she did, she leaned more and more on God to get her through the most devasting time of her life. She had to change her life, her heart – for the sake of their daughter. Too much damage had been done.

After a while, the boy noticed changes in her and he began to go to church too. He began to change. And they fell in love all over again.

This is our story, without all the gory details. This was us. 8 years ago today, we thought it was over. But today, because of God, we did not divorce; we worked through it all with the Lord. He showed us where we were wrong, rather than pointing out the other’s faults. He showed us gentleness and forgiveness. He showed us love.

And because we made it through all of that (and a lot more), we get to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary! We get to celebrate it together. We get to celebrate in Haiti – serving the One who made it all possible.

Here’s to a lifetime more …

14th anniversary


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