Pfamily Mission works to build stronger, healthier communities and alleviate poverty by giving parents the support they need to provide for their families and to know they’re not forgotten in their challenges.

Level the Field

Help a marginalized family meet their basic needs to give children & the community a better tomorrow.

Stronger Communities

Addressing needs in impoverished communities creates unity and safety

Healthier Families

Empowering parents helps families stay together, improving mental, emotional, and physical health

Poverty Alleviation

Helping people meet basic needs gives the “leg up” needed so they can struggle less and achieve more

K*s Story

A hopeless mom called her friend to find out what to do – she loves her baby girl, but knew she could never afford to feed her AND send her to school. She wanted a good life for her daughter – one where K could have all her needs met and have a better future – and was looking for an orphanage. Luckily, the friend she called was a parent from the Pfamily Mission Education Initiative. He called us and told us the situation and asked if we could make room for one more family.

We knew that if K ended up in an orphanage she would be without the love and support she needed, and she would most likely be abused physically, mentally and sexually. Because of generous donors, we were able to add K’s family into the program and keep this family together. K entered pre-Kindergarten and loved every moment of learning and being able to enjoy a sweet mango with her mom to celebrate!


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The main reason that parents put their children in orphanages is lack of access to education and healthcare. We believe that families are better together, so Pfamily Mission provides school sponsorships, other educational opportunities, and aid to make that possible.


Send a child to school who otherwise would not have the opportunity!


Provide aid such as medical care, food, and needed support. 

2020-21 Kids Still Needing School Sponsors